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What we’re all about

House Digital is home to the best digital marketers around. When we welcome you into our House, you’ll quickly get acquainted with all our in-house experts and extended family of digital marketers. Then we’ll give you the keys to unlock your full potential by helping to select, place and train your in-house talent.

We’ll lay the foundations by configuring your digital channels, before adding structure to support your goals. Then comes the decorating; the fine-tuning needed to accelerate your growth. We’ll add a lick of paint from time to time by sprucing up your strategies. But by now you’ll have a clear roadmap of how to achieve your goals.

About Us

The House story

House Digital is built on strong agency foundations. We created a content marketing platform delivering high-quality optimised content, ranking positions and organic traffic. But our clients wanted more. So we extended into SEO, paid advertising, website development and email marketing. Pretty soon we’d constructed an agency.

Our data-driven approach brought us wonderful clients who stayed with us for years. Key to our success has been our ability to adapt and evolve according to our customers’ current and future needs. With a clear need for a more sustainable agency model that empowers and upskills in-house talent came the blueprint for House Digital.

  • 2010

    We started out life as Process Industy Forum – a content marketing platform specifically for the manufacturing and engineering sector. PIF helped enginnering businesses secure page 1 rankings and attracted over 50,000 users each month.

  • 2014

    KW Digital launches, a brand new digital marketing company solely dedicated to the engineering, manufacturing and financial sectors. We expand our services to include website builds, SEO, Paid Advertising and Content Marketing.

  • 2018

    We realise we have a strong differentiation in the marketplace – our analytical approach and ability to interrograte data to accurately predict ROI. We develop a reputation for delivering effective campaigns that really impact the bottom line.

  • 2020

    A huge leap forward in our evolution. We danced at festivals, learnt how to ski, ate lots of pizza and sold thousands of valves & instrumentation. Armed with a very healthy creds deck and an exhilarating growth period ahead, we are excited about our future

  • 2021

    Digital marketing has a new home and it’s called House Digital! An honest and frank discussion with our client base identified that brands want greater control, more agility, and better value for their digital. As always, we stay true to our agency foundations, but expand our services with an exciting new offering.

Our House values

Totally transparent

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science. But the ridiculous buzz-words can make it feel as complicated. Not here. Our House is a jargon-free area. We empower you to become your own rocket scientist.

Better every day

We’re all about unlocking the door to potential. Ours just as much as yours. Nobody’s perfect. Least of all us. But we aim to be a little bit better every day. The better we are, the better you’ll be.

Prioritise fun

All work and no play make for a dull Household. If we’re going to spend half our lives behind a desk, we’re going to make it fun. If we’re happy, and you’re happy, we can work smarter together.

Family unit

Family is everything and we look after our own. Not only are we committed to helping your business to flourish but we also want you, your staff, your suppliers and your customers to as well.

Our House promise

  • We don’t try to be perfect; there’s no such thing.
  • We don’t pretend to know everything; it’s impossible.
  • We’ve got your back; giving you more knowledge and power.
  • Family first; happiness is the biggest marker of success.
  • We’re making digital marketing more honest and transparent.
  • We’re all about values and value; going the extra mile for you.

Not your typical agency

We’re in-house digital consultants who plug in-house talent gaps. Boosting your knowledge, skills and competency for better value and faster decision-making. House Digital is an agency but not as you know it. We deliver the perfect blend of insourcing, outsourcing and training to support your specific needs and goals.

That means we:

  • Build multi-channel campaigns that deliver a clear return on investment.
  • Use data and insights to inform, predict and measure results.
  • Help to select and place digital specialists.
  • Train your existing in-house resources.
  • Reduce your reliance on external agencies.
Team meeting

Our ideal House guests

You’re going to be seeing a lot of us. In fact, we’re going to be taking up residence at your place. We’ll be working from home – your home – getting to know your staff, your products, your services and your culture. For that reason, it’s kind of essential that we get along as Housemates.

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We only work with brands that:

  • Understand their purpose.
  • Are focused on delivering value.
  • Are competitive and ambitious.
  • See the importance of digital.
  • Want more control over digital marketing.
  • Want less reliance on external agencies.
  • Want higher return from digital channels.
  • Want improved market share and visibility.

Meet The Team

Don’t be shy – come and meet the family. From digital consultants to our extended family of expert partners, we’re a friendly bunch with tonnes of talent.

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Our Proven Process

From creating our strategy, to predicting results and measuring impact, data is the foundation of everything we do. And we’re not afraid of sharing secrets! Our proven process helps us to make digital marketing as accurate, controllable and successful as it can be.

House Digital: The In-Housing Trend of 2021

The future of digital marketing is travelling away from agencies, as businesses demand better value for their digital. In 2020, 68% of businesses invested in growing their in-house marketing team, seeking greater transparency, agility and pace. But building an in-house team isn’t so straight forward! In this article, we explain the in-housing trend and its hurdles.

Why In-House?

Digital marketing is coming home to in-house. We’re all about insourcing and the right blend of outsourcing to empower you and your team. With the right mix of talent, skill and technology, you can achieve your digital goals. Unlock your full potential and discover the benefits of in-housing.