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HD Academy Roadmaps

At House Digital, we continue to offer those all-important traditional agency services, but we believe in the importance of building skills in-house over time.

That’s why we have designed the first digital training programmes delivered by an agency – we want to help up-skill your in-house team so they can confidently plan and manage digital strategies under your own roof.

By helping you to lay the foundations for your digital channels, we will support you to build value and talent within your business, rather than outsourcing it.

Our goal is to deliver long-term success for your brands by empowering you to do the right bits of work in-house, saving marketing spend for outsourcing where you really need it!


Who Would Benefit from
The HD Academy Training Roadmaps?



  • Marketings Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Account Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Graduates
  • Students



Each course begins with an introductory module – here, you will become acquainted with your training team, be shown the ropes of our easy-to-use training portal, and learn the basics of your chosen specialty so you can hit the ground running!

Research & Analysis

If you’re familiar with our website, you’ll know we are proud to be geeks on this topic! In this section, we’ll ensure you’re confident in understanding your current performance & position in the digital market, whilst also introducing you to some awesome tools and opportunities for your brand along the way.

Building Your Strategy

Using our guidance, refined methodology and templates, you will build out your own digital marketing strategy with clear objectives and KPIs. From keyword research through to content planning, you will grow the confidence to design a strategy from the ground up.

Implementation & Best Practice

House Digital will show you how to take your newly built strategy and put it into action. Whether it is creating new ads in Google Search or producing engaging content for outreach campaigns – our team will support you in flying the nest!

Audit & Management

Our team will teach you how to generate reports, audit your performance and manage & maintain your strategy. Furthermore, you will be trained on how to project results and measure your ROI.


Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll have ultimately acquired the well-rounded knowledge of an agency-standard Paid Advertising and/ or SEO executive. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive an official HD Academy certificate as proof of your hard work!

HD Academy Training Roadmap

  • Five expertly crafted core course modules to take you to expert level
  • Comprehensive and bespoke training programmes for each module
  • Hybrid of remote training and specialist face-to-face sessions
  • Estimated six hours training and assessment time per week 
  • Experience working on bespoke campaigns to bring your learning to life
  • Customised platform to monitor progress and assess knowledge


  • Knowledge of how to impact each stage of the marketing funnel via paid advertising
  • Ability to confidently identify and reach your best converting audiences
  • Confidence to develop a sound keyword strategy for your campaigns
  • Ability to create assets and ads for each stage of the marketing funnel
  • Skills to write compelling ad copy that resonates with your audience and drives action
  • Confidence in choosing the best possible paid channel mix for your KPIs
  • Skills to create, manage, test and optimise your paid campaigns
  • Ability to define KPIs and effectively monitor & measure performance against them


  • Understanding of core search engines, key metrics & algorithms, and software such as GA4 and Search Console
  • Ability to identify your share of voice and SEO opportunities
  • Confidence to develop a sound keyword strategy for your website
  • Understanding of all on-page optimisation factors and skills to analyse and monitor them 
  • Tools to enable you to put SEO at the forefront of your engaging content strategy
  • Skills to develop and implement a robust link building campaign
  • Confidence to carry out site audits and turn technical SEO reports into action
  • Ability to define KPIs and effectively monitor and measure against them

Why Choose House Digital Training

We offer the only digital training programmes provided by a thriving full-service agency.

We follow our ‘Proven Process’ with one-to-one mentoring delivered by industry experts.

We’ll fast track your digital success - helping you to build talent & visibility at the same time.

We don’t just coach on concepts - all of our training is bespoke to your business.

As a Google Premier Partner, we sit in the top 3% of agencies and fully certified experts.

Businesses We Have Trained

Meet our Course Creators

Fahima Miah

Paid Advertising Specialist

Marie Williams

Paid Advertising Specialist

Aimee Jones

SEO Specialist

Ellen Harrington

Paid & Social Media Specialist

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