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Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement, control and regulating systems for fluids and gases. With over 70 years of experience beneath their belt, Bürkert have created a flexible organisation that is evolving everyday due to its closeness to their customers and devotion to their industry.

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House Digital’s relationship with Bürkert first began when they contacted us to post promotional content on our high authority online PR website, Process Industry Forum (PIF). However, our remit quickly expanded to include further SEO work and paid advertising services.

Like their US counterparts, Bürkert UK were managing their paid advertising internally. Their existing strategy did not unlock their full potential, as tailored audience targeting was not being fully utilised across the Google Search Network.

As a result, Bürkert were struggling to generate the right traffic through their paid campaigns. There was a huge window of opportunity for Burkert UK to increase brand awareness and be promoted as a market leader; this needed to be followed by heavily targeted re-advertising to encourage valuable potential customers to consider their fluid control systems. Ultimately, Bürkert UK were in need of a PPC strategy that would nurture users through the marketing funnel to conversion, whether this be contacting Bürkert, completing a website form, or downloading the brochure.

From an SEO perspective, it was important for Bürkert UK to partner with an agency that was able to fully understand the technical detail of their products to produce content that was not only valuable and engaging for their users, but also effectively optimised for search. Our knowledge base is rooted in manufacturing and engineering, so it really was a match made in digital-marketing-heaven!

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As with any new project, we conducted extensive research to gain an intimate knowledge of Bürkert’s product range and the task ahead, including detailed keyword research to underpin high volume search terms. This meant that our SEO team perfectly primed to implement an ongoing content strategy that was true to the Bürkert brand.

We created optimised content for the Bürkert UK website, targeting related topics and frequent ‘people also asked’ questions, also featuring interview-style articles with industry experts. By continuing to deliver a comprehensive SEO package, we were able to increase Bürkert UK’s organic search ranking for their priority keywords to generate quality leads.

We carried out a complete paid campaign set up on the Google Search Network, including the development of a robust account structure, effective keyword matching types, and setting appropriate bids across each campaign and ad-group to increase reach and engagement.

We were careful to ensure that the top of the marketing funnel was wide but only attracted those who had shown an affinity or interest in Bürkert’s products, whilst also delivering highly targeted conversion campaigns; this enabled us to target users at all stages of the decision making process, guiding them from brand awareness to consideration, to conversion.

By fully utilising conversion tracking, we continually refined and developed ads to further optimise click-through-rates, whilst reducing Bürkert’s CPC.

What We Achieved

  • 85.9%
    Increase in YOY transactions via paid search
  • 41.4%
    Increase in YOY revenue via paid search
  • 62%
    Increase in phone call enquiries from ads in 2019 vs. 2018

Client Testimonial

House Digital have really helped Bürkert as a brand. As we are situated within a very competitive industry, HD have really helped us to stand out from the crowd. From high quality content and other SEO services to a strong Paid Advertising strategy, they’ve really helped us to stand out in a competitive market. Through compelling ads and a robust bidding strategy, the Paid Advertising work alone has made all of the difference to our business, particularly during challenging times.

Marketing Manager

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