Chill Factore

Chill Factore relied heavily on the Search Network and branded search terms, which was a limited and expensive acquisition model. We implemented an omni-channel approach, thus reducing CPA and widening the funnel.

Chill Factore


Chill Factore is the UK’s longest indoor real snow slope, welcoming over 3 million visitors to what is regarded as one of the leading UK visitor attractions – because who doesn’t want to snowboard, drink hot chocolate and ski without having to spend money leaving the country?

From an SEO perspective, Chill Factore’s overall backlinking profile was not as competitive as it needed to be, compared to other attraction sites across the North West. Content was thin on the ground and there was a huge opportunity to rank for relevant long and short-tail keywords. Each of these factors contributed to Chill Factore’s organic traffic having decreased year on year, so we pulled on our snow boots and stepped in to help.

The existing paid strategy, on the other hand, was centred around capturing search traffic from users who were already considering going to Chill Factore, despite Google Trends and Analytics data indicating that search volume for such terms was decreasing. Audience targeting had also not yet been explored or fully utilised and the social channel had been left untouched.

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As part of the change of direction, we focused on new customer acquisition, which entailed getting the brand in front of relevant users that were not considering going to Chill Factore.
Utilising a plethora of paid advertising channels, including Display and Social, we were able to target users more broadly online.

In tandem with this, we utilised detailed audience targeting to deliver very direct messaging to users based on their needs and interests, delivering a more personalised approach.
By implementing effective remarketing across paid channels, we delivered tailored ad messaging to nurture users through the booking process.

As part of the change in organic direction, we created a robust backlinking strategy to improve the site’s Domain Authority and therefore increase overall organic rankings, search visibility and consequently, conversions.

We produced well-optimised content, targeting keywords organically and thereby increasing the level of Google indexed pages.

From a technical SEO perspective, we reviewed technical issues, as well as the overall site structure, in order to ensure that the site health was optimal and could be easily crawled by Google crawlers.

Lastly, we deployed strategic SEO strategies working alongside an established PR team, in order to boost the Share of Voice and visibility for Chill Factore for ‘family activity’ and ‘top attraction’ related keyword themes.

What We Achieved

  • 17%
    YOY Increase in average order value
  • 287%
    YOY Increase in revenue during peak season
  • 38%
    Drop in CPC
  • 188%
    YOY Increase in sales that were assisted through paid
  • 202%
    YOY Increase in revenue that was assisted through paid
  • 232%
    YOY Increase in sales during peak season

Client Testimonial

The House Digital team have been a huge support to us over the years. They’ve really gotten under the skin of the business and have become a true extension of the team. They’ve not only helped us to understand who are digital customers are, but have also uncovered untapped opportunities for us in a competitive digital space. House Digital consistently guide us towards the most appropriate channels to reach our customers and our business objectives.

Marketing Manager
Chill Factore

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