Encore is a global pet food brand made with 100% natural ingredients. Originally for the UK grocery market, Encore is now sold around the world to welfare-conscious pet owners interested in feeding their cats and dogs the very best in nutrition, naturally.

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From an SEO perspective, Encore’s overall backlinking profile was not very competitive in comparison to other cat food brands on the market. A stronger Domain and Page Authority was needed in order to increase overall brand presence and search visibility across the organic landscape for relevant short-tail and long-tail keywords. Ultimately, the brand needed to produce a high level of optimised content to secure the volumes of available traffic for relevant long-tail keywords. After an initial analysis, it could also be seen that Encore could capitalise on a range of organic opportunities to help boost organic CTRs, brand awareness and purchases year on year.

Encore was also looking to launch a new site, therefore, it became important to carry out some initial SEO optimisation to ensure that any valuable SEO assets were carried across to the new site and that the new site was healthy from a technical SEO perspective. This was crucial to ensure that the site wouldn’t be penalised by future Google algorithm updates. Furthermore, from analysing industry insights, it became clear that most users were native to sites outside of Google Search. Although Encore had a good idea as to who the target audience was, having only dabbled with paid advertising in the past, a great deal of audience targeting had not been fully utilised or explored, therefore there was a huge window of opportunity available for the brand to increase awareness around the new site and branding amongst a hyper relevant audience online.

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We conducted an in-depth analysis leveraging data-driven insights to help inform our SEO and Paid Advertising strategy. By carrying out a technical SEO audit, we were able to address Encore’s technical SEO issues, nipping them in the bud to ensure that the site could be crawled and indexed effectively, with minimal errors being reported. We also provided guidance around Encore’s new site structure.

By deploying a robust backlinking strategy, we increased the total number of authoritative external equity passing links to the site, increasing overall Domain and Page Authority, and therefore boosting organic rankings, search visibility and consequently conversions.

We formed a regular content strategy, creating blog articles to increase organic traffic, CTR and keyword rankings for long-tail search queries – also achieving placements in Google featured snippets!
A/B audience testing was carried out across audiences and channels, helping to underpin the most engaged audiences online – This enabled us to increase Encore’s brand reach and awareness amongst their target audience.

By developing and revising advert creatives, we improved engagement amongst users; this was continually refined to develop the most relevant and engaged audience, further optimising CTRs, whilst reducing CPCs.

Detailed online audience profiles informed targeting across paid advertising channels, enabling us to omit exceptionally direct messaging to users based on their needs and interests, delivering a more personalised approach.

By implementing effective remarketing across paid channels, we achieved tailored ad messaging, nurturing users through the marketing funnel.

What We Achieved

  • 50%
    Increase in root domains secured prior to new site launch
  • 1874%
    Increase in reach vs. expected reach through paid advertising
  • 125%
    Increase in avg. session duration through paid advertising
  • 150
    server errors rectified and a clean crawl resumed
  • 30%
    Increase in optimised content via meta and alt implementation

Client Testimonial

Since July 2018, House Digital have worked hard with Arriva Click to grow our presence. By implementing a strong multi-channel Paid Advertising and Social Media strategy, we’ve been able to really connect with our audiences and build a community of regular Arriva Click users. Thanks to their ongoing support, the Arriva Click app has gone from strength to strength. From organising asset days to successfully launching two new locations, House Digital are an invaluable addition to our team.

Marketing Manager
Arriva Bus Ltd

The House Digital team have been a huge support to us over the years. They’ve really gotten under the skin of the business and have become a true extension of the team. They’ve not only helped us to understand who are digital customers are, but have also uncovered untapped opportunities for us in a competitive digital space. House Digital consistently guide us towards the most appropriate channels to reach our customers and our business objectives.

Marketing Manager
Chill Factore

House Digital have really helped Bürkert as a brand. As we are situated within a very competitive industry, HD have really helped us to stand out from the crowd. From high quality content and other SEO services to a strong Paid Advertising strategy, they’ve really helped us to stand out in a competitive market. Through compelling ads and a robust bidding strategy, the Paid Advertising work alone has made all of the difference to our business, particularly during challenging times.

Marketing Manager

House Digital have shown a great passion for digital marketing and have truly embraced The Global Classroom as their own. Helping us develop and grow our online presence, the team’s expert knowledge has enabled us to reach millions of relevant people across the globe and largely contributed to making each event a success.

The Global Classroom

Working with House Digital has been a joy! For the first time in my 25 years of working in the digital industry I’ve finally found a team that utterly understand the data world and paid search / social marketplace. Understanding the way all this works is one aspect that House have excelled in but also the results they are getting for our clients is really as good as it can get. It’s a happy union between our two agencies!

Modern English

House Digital were able to interpret our requirements and develop a turnkey website solution that would enable us to channel customers to Monomer. This has freed up time for us to concentrate on the bespoke aspects of our sister company, Martin’s Rubber.

Marketing Manager
Martin’s Rubber

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