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Imagine if you had the skills, confidence and agility to make decisions in the moment. At House Digital you can pick and choose your preferred outsourced services, including SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, social media and website development. We can also build your in-house capacity to give you the best of both worlds.

When you’re free to get your house in order, you can concentrate on the things that really matter. Like giving your customers a seamless experience that keeps on delivering exactly what they want and need – however and wherever they want it. A little House work is all it takes to keep your customers loyal and engaged.

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House work is more enjoyable when it’s fun, don’t you think? We do. Which is why we always inject some humour and originality into everything we do. For instance, we could give you a list of our services and waffle on about how great they are. But where’s the fun in that?! Take them for a spin instead to find out more.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an important factor when it comes to ranking well on the SERPs. Keeping on top of crawler issues, writing freshly optimised meta data, ensuring redirects are healthy and your site speed is optimal are just a few of your housekeeping tasks. We utilise a range of handy tools to understand the health of your website. By crawling your site, we will identify and break down each red flag to help you prioritise your technical work and meet the criteria for healthy ranking positions!

Social advertising

With most of us expected to spend around 3 years, 5 months and 18 days of our lives on Social Media, it’s easy to see why Paid Social is such a key opportunity. Advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat has endless targeting capabilities, allowing retargeting within a short time frame to keep you at the forefront of consumer’s minds. For B2B sectors, LinkedIn advertising can be very powerful, granting access to the big decision makers within specific industry sectors and job roles.

Search advertising

Organic, Referral and Direct traffic alone are unlikely to give you the boost you need to meet your objectives. But that’s ok – this is what we do. To ensure your Google Search campaigns are built for success, they should be backed up by a solid foundation of keyword research and a good understanding of customer journeys. We keep Optimisation Scores at the heart of everything. Following our formulaic process, Ad Rank and Shopping Feeds are constantly reviewed to meet your conversion and ROAS objectives.

Display advertising

Expanding your online reach is important, especially if you’re launching a new product or service, rebranding, or breaking into a new market. But with the vast array of targeting methods available, it’s easy to feel out of your depth. The Display Network has endless opportunities, with the biggest reach out of all paid channels. It’s important to harness your targeting methods to find your audience amidst the billions of users you don’t want to pay to get in front of – forget them, you don’t need them!

YouTube advertising

As the second largest search engine, the YouTube Network is a vast ocean of opportunity, offering incredible reach and granular targeting capabilities. Harness the power of highly targeted in-stream, discovery and display ads to connect with your audience amongst YouTube’s 2 billion monthly users. If you’re looking to disrupt the market, build awareness, showcase your brand and increase purchase power, YouTube Advertising could add another invaluable string to your digital marketing bow!

App advertising

Over 80% of mobile usage time is spent using apps. Investing in app advertising pops your brand into the hands of an already engaged audience. From social media, to online shopping and mobile games, you can capture your audience where they spend their screen time. Most apps collect valuable user data on an opt-in basis. Harness this to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. App advertising is incredibly targeted, unlocking niche markets and delivering fantastic conversion rates!


Programmatic marketing has transformed the display advertising landscape. Behind the scenes of any website, thousands of businesses are competing to have their ads appear and be seen by their target market, but only the highest bidder can win. By completely automating the process of buying and selling ad space, programmatic advertising gives digital marketers greater control over their audience targeting and budget. Believe it or not, this all takes place in milliseconds, before the web page even loads!

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic low-risk way to expand your brand reach across 100s of third party websites, all with their own traffic streams and customer base. Like influencer marketing, this gives you access to a whole range of market places you would otherwise be unable to tap into, in return for a small commission or cost per lead. You may have a great product offering, but if a customer is able to find a similar product with a competitor brand that offers a discount code, you may lose that sale!


The customer journey is becoming more complex. Each specific buyer will experience the process differently, hopping between exploration and evaluation before making a decision to purchase. To overcome this, automate aspects of your daily campaign management! Auto-applied recommendations improves performance by considering performance history and campaign settings to automatically apply the most relevant recommendations. This gets the foundations of your account right, freeing up attention and time.

Attribution analysis

Most users will visit your website 3 to 4 times before converting. They may originally click through a Google search ad, then return directly or click through a retargeting ad weeks later. An attribution analysis will highlight how your individual marketing channels are performing, so that you can determine your ROI for each channel. By understanding your channel attribution, you can replicate the creatives, messaging and channels preferred by your audience to avoid wasting ad spend and increase ROI!

On-page SEO

Google will assess both your website’s visible content and HTML code to decide whether your page is relevant to the search query. Strong on-page SEO helps Google to identify what users see when they visit your website. A good keyword strategy and linkable content is important, however HTML elements such as page URLs and image alt-text are not to be neglected! Optimising both the content and the source code of each individual page will achieve greater search visibility and more relevant website traffic.

Content writing

Content writing is one of the simplest but most effective tools to give your SEO a boost! Google is all about authoritative content that will be enjoyed, shared and clicked on again and again. A thorough keyword strategy is essential for striking the balance between writing for Google crawlers and writing for the end user. The aim is to inform and educate your audience. Quality content should be clearly written and engaging, tailoring your brand’s tone of voice to the topics people are searching for.

Content marketing

Writing great content is only the first step. If you don’t have an expansive content marketing strategy, no one will see it! A solid strategy means better results, and the foundation of any good strategy is research! Some research into your audience will confirm if you have multiple audience types, you may need to create tailored content or market across multiple platforms to reach each one. Effective content marketing will attract potential customers to build brand awareness and keep them engaged!

Link building

Backlinks inform Google how authoritative your site is. While it’s important to grow the number of backlinks, value and relevance also play a big part. Quality and quantity are equal partners. Think of link building as starting conversations on the web. The more people who talk about you and link back to your site, the better. If your backlinks aren’t relevant or come from low quality domains, Google will consider this to be gossip or spam, and you’ll be penalised. Nobody likes a gossip, not even Google.

CRO & user experience

Backlinks inform Google how authoritative your site is. While it’s important to grow the number of backlinks, value and relevance also play a big part. Quality and quantity are equal partners. Think of link building as starting conversations on the web. The more people who talk about you and link back to your site, the better. If your backlinks aren’t relevant or come from low quality domains, Google will consider this to be gossip or spam, and you’ll be penalised. Nobody likes a gossip, not even Google.

Organic Social Media

92% of marketers say that social media is an important part of their business, playing a crucial role in connecting people and developing relationships online. Social channels provide a great opportunity to build and nurture your clout, as well as establish a good customer service reputation, engaging with and acting on feedback. By building a strong community of followers across social media, businesses are empowered to move away from paying a premium for visibility from their target audience.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is more than just carefully curated pics, it’s great for brand awareness! Influencers have a loyal following tuning into their everyday lives. By promoting your brand or product, they’re giving it the seal of approval! This earns a level of credibility and trust for your brand. And you’re not just paying to access their followers! You’re paying for the image curation, content writing and posting across social channels, saving your business precious time spent creating ad campaigns.

Email marketing

Whether you’re looking to plug the gaps in your site’s conversion rate, reach an already engaged audience, deliver highly targeted and timely messages, or drive revenue, Email Marketing could be the missing piece of the puzzle. From sending targeted emails, push notifications, or even SMS, you could create stronger relationships, increase web traffic, drive subscriptions and retain and nurture customers. Let automation do the heavy lifting and focus on designing experiences to create more customers!

Website development

The personality of your brand should be at the heart of your website development. After all, your website is the face of your business. Give your brand the ultimate makeover with a solid site structure, user friendly navigation, and bespoke functionality to set you apart from your competitors. From pre-themed websites to custom builds, we have the expertise to deliver beautiful graphic design, intuitive navigation and clever coding to ensure your website doesn’t just look good, but performs at its best.

Website launch optimisation

When it comes to launching a website, whether it’s a brand new site or you’re looking to change domains, there are a number of critical steps that need to be taken to ensure your site will fare well from an SEO perspective.  As with any launch or migration project, the key is in the preparation. It’s essential to carefully map out domains, redirects, carry out a SERP rank analysis as well as execute the necessary pre-launch and post-launch checks, so that your site can get off to a flying start.

Data analysis

Everything we do at House Digital is grounded in data. We dig deep to find out how your customer personas behave, where your consumers are coming from and what is generating leads for your business. By analysing the data that is available, we can identify potential reasons and explanations for certain circumstances and behaviours, such as high bounce rates or low mobile conversions. With our analytical approach to research, we will construct a solid digital marketing strategy that is backed by data.

Digital auditing

If you want to get under the skin of what is happening across the digital landscape, a digital audit will show you where you need to be and how to achieve this. Covering technical and analytical to paid and content, an independent audit will help you understand how your site is performing compared to your competitors, as well as industry averages. After completing an audit, you will have a better understanding of how to minimise your business’ online weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Digital insights analysis

We love numbers! This makes our approach an analytical one and always begins with delving into Data and Insights. We analyse historic data from a host of powerful web tools, including Google Analytics and beyond. This enables us to identify the most prominent reasons that could be inhibiting your site from achieving its highest conversion rate potential. It is because of this process that we can avoid simply going off of whims, and can carry out any critical site or campaign improvements with confidence.

Digital strategy

A solid and well researched strategy is the foundation to any successful marketing campaign, especially if you’re launching a new business, product or service. You need to dig deep into your business to establish and study your competitors, get to know your customer and their online behaviours, ensure your website is healthy and your brand image is consistent. A well structured strategy will light the way of your digital marketing path to inform your content, ad campaigns, website optimisation and more.

Digital campaigns

So you’ve laid the foundations with a solid digital strategy, now what? Combine your research with an ideation session to decide on the theme, messaging and marketing channels for your digital campaign. Strong, targeted messaging across both organic and paid channels will build brand awareness, encourage customers to engage and increase conversions. Your campaign should be authoritative and memorable! But don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas, building data driven digital campaigns is what we do!

Brand health assessments

A healthy brand is one of the most important business assets you can have! Offering a digital alternative to Kantar awareness dips and Omnibus surveys, brand health assessments can help you assess your brand’s salience online. Through assessing changes in awareness around branded traffic, reach, follower counts, referral traffic, reviews and sentiment across social, we are able to paint an accurate picture as to how your brand is fairing over time and can set quantifiable targets each quarter.

Projections & financial modelling

Although we don’t have a crystal ball just yet, projections and financial modelling are the next best thing! Using current and historical data, industry averages and some Excel wizardry, we can assess the impact of different marketing budgets, spent across different channels and campaigns to project conversion rates, impressions, sessions and costs per lead. With accurate financial modelling, you can minimise wasted ad spend and time to invest in the channels that will work for your business!

Asset production

Visual assets can often be neglected as an essential business tool, but when it comes to brand awareness and professionalism, consistency really is key. Your company branding should span to every aspect of your business communications. From email footers, to brochures, letterheads, social channels, images and videos, we work with you to bring your visions to life. Professional asset production adds value to the customer experience, establishing a uniform brand identity to build credibility and trust.

Graphic design

Whoever once said “A picture is worth a thousand words” clearly appreciated the importance of graphic design. From your website and social media channels, to blog articles, ad creative or printable media, effective graphic design solidifies your brand identity. Engaging and well-written content is important, but your target audience might just pass you by if it doesn’t look good too. High quality graphics command attention, establish professionalism, and help to communicate your messaging and values.

Website design

Nowadays, there’s a whole host of website platforms enabling users to whip up a website in minutes. However, if you want to keep up with competitors, boost revenue, or improve website traffic, a professionally designed website is essential. We design the site architecture, the navigation, call to action blocks, page templates and more. We’ll come up with a look, feel and tone of voice that matches your brand and objectives, designing your dream digital home with your customers and competitors in mind.

Photography & videography

First impressions count. Don’t let low quality photos and video content create a poor image for your brand – photographs and video content are hugely important when it comes to giving potential customers a taste of your products and services. Stock imagery has hugely improved in quality, but the best way to show off your brand ethos is with authentic visuals of your business, your team, and your products. Professional photos and videos will grab the attention of your target audience, and improve engagement!

3D modelling & rendering

Once upon a time, 3D modelling and rendering was exclusively reserved for brands with deep pockets and big budget projects. Thankfully, it’s now a much more accessible, time, and cost effective method of graphic design. For many eCommerce businesses, 3D modelling and rendering is a time saving alternative to traditional photography, used to enhance product listings. Have a tricky to photograph product, or a wide range of variations, sizes or colour options? 3D modelling and rendering is the answer.


Did you know, viewers retain 95% of information when it is presented in a video or motion graphic format? With eye-catching animations, you can create engaging video content and break away from “been there, done that” static imagery. Animations are incredibly cost and time effective, conveying your brand message in a short, simple, and visually enticing way. Also, video content is becoming increasingly popular across social networks. Give your brand awareness a boost with shareable animations!

Branding & logo design

What do Apple, McDonalds and Coca-Cola have in common? Their logo and branding are impossible to miss! When it comes to breathing life into your ideas, our digital designers are magicians. Establishing a uniform visual presence across your channels not only builds brand presence and prominence, but also reputation and trust by leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. In a highly competitive landscape, professional branding and logo design is the key to breaking through the noise.

In More Detail

  • Audits

    From technical and analytical to paid and content audits, we dig deep to assess how your business is performing.

  • Content

    We research and refine your content strategy to create engaging articles, whitepapers and rich media.

  • CRO

    Every decision we make is grounded in data, used to accelerate your conversion rates and improve your ROI.

  • Email Marketing

    Drive sales and retain customers through Email marketing, all whilst nurturing potential leads into your biggest fans.

  • Insights

    Our approach to securing digital success is always tried, tested and backed up by data-driven insights.

  • Paid

    We ensure your advertising campaigns are built for success to maximise your leads, conversions and budget.

  • SEO

    A comprehensive SEO strategy is the foundation to securing high rankings and the attention of your target audience.

  • Social Media & Influencer

    Harness the power of organic social to build your following, showcase your brand’s personality, and tap into the latest trends.

  • Web

    Your website is the face of your business. Give your brand the ultimate makeover with professional website design.

Our Packages

Our digital packages are designed to make you the architect of your success. Whether you want to rebuild your brand from scratch with a total Renovation, or simply need some minor fixes and a Lick of Paint, we’ve got a cost-effective package to suit your needs.


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