House Digital’s market-leading range of in-depth audits allow you to benchmark your online performance against your competitors and industry standards, as well as gaining a clear roadmap for driving your business forward. Achieve your digital objectives more efficiently with invaluable data insights from House Digital.


House Digital provides insightful and actionable digital marketing audits, from technical and analytical to paid and content audits. We will help you to understand exactly how your site is performing against your direct and indirect online competitors, as well as industry averages. After completing an audit, you will gain a much better understanding of how to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses online.

Drawing from our own extensive experience of employing digital best practices, we can give you HD clarity regarding opportunities to leverage and how you can protect your business from any potential online threats. By the completion of your audit(s), you will have a clear roadmap of priorities to address. This will help drive your digital strategy, so that you can meet all your digital marketing objectives.

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  • Technical Audit
  • Analytics Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Link Audit
  • Paid Audit

If you want your website to rank in the search engines, gain better traffic and ultimately convert more, technical SEO provides a powerful solution. Undertaking a technical SEO audit will give you a clear overview of the technical errors currently hampering your site from being crawled by Google bots and ranking in the organic listings.

When it comes to technical SEO, we take a comprehensive deep-dive into common crawler issues using industry-leading technology and software. The HD team will quickly identify and resolve any issues, so your site can benefit from a clean crawl and compete with your competitors to its full potential.

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool for making better informed, data-driven decisions. Whether that’s conversion tracking, funnel visualisation, interests tracking – the list is endless. However, with such a powerful tool comes great responsibility, and it can easily become a wasted opportunity if it hasn’t been set up correctly.

This is where we can help. We can audit your Analytics property to ensure everything is properly tracked, so you have accurate and usable data at your disposal. Our insights experts can help you to assess which channels, audiences and pages generate the highest conversion rates so your website works smarter for you.

A competitor audit gives you a thorough understanding of who your online competitors are, how they position themselves and what they have to offer. This data enables you to clearly differentiate your business online and ensure that it remains attractive to your target audience and retains a healthy market share at all times.

Concerns around traffic drops and infrequent conversions can be linked to competitor activity. Armed with a clearer picture of competitor activity, we can help you to gauge your rivals’ methodologies, assess their potential impact on your business and develop actionable strategies to remain competitive and relevant to your audience.

If you’re looking to assess all your indexable content across your site to determine which are your best performing pieces of content, which pieces require improvement and which need to be struck off altogether, a content audit could be exactly what you need. We’ll take care of all the data gathering and analysis, so you don’t have to.

A content audit provides a thorough overview of content gaps across your site, as well as which keywords you should be targeting and how to improve your Share of Voice (SOV). A content audit also helps to identify any untapped content marketing opportunities and how to leverage the strongest pages on your website.

Backlinking audits allow you to benchmark your website’s current authority to inform your optimisation and content marketing strategies. Link audits identify ‘spammy’ backlinks or referring domains pointing to your site, which could potentially harm any future SEO activity or even result in a Google penalty.

As well as assessing the spam score and equity of external links, link audits also assess the health of your site’s internal-linking structure. The overall aim is to achieve a hierarchy of internal links  to ensure your site can be crawled by Google efficiently, which is pivotal for securing optimal organic ranking positions.

Paid audits allow you to dive into your campaigns to uncover areas that require attention to improve performance and reduce wasteful spend. Paid audits are not only invaluable when your paid account isn’t performing well, but can also be useful when your account has been managed by the same team for a long time.

Carrying out a paid audit will enable you to determine which campaigns are most profitable and which of your campaigns are burning through your budgets with little return on ad spend. Paid audits are also great for highlighting new opportunities that could help improve paid conversion rates or increase your reach.

Case Study

Forever Unique

Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand, specialising in ladies occassionwear. Established in 2008 by lifelong fashion lover and female boss Seema Malhotra, Forever Unique has since become a regular on the red carpet. We uncovered technical SEO issues which were hindering the site from ranking well in the SERPs and developed a tailored SEO strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic, as well as revenue.

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  • 29% Increase in domain authority
  • 225% Increase in organic ranking keywords in a 12 month period
  • 25% Increase in revenue in a 3 month period


House Digital has been a central part of our team. Without their technical SEO knowledge and expertise, the website launch would have undoubtedly not been as successful as it was. The growth in organic traffic has made a huge difference to our business and it is great to see our investment paying off. To be making purchase decisions in line with customer search behaviour is exactly where we want to be as a brand!

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