Social media offers a great opportunity to show the human side of your business. It allows you to engage with your audience in a more authentic, less transactional way than usual. House Digital delivers the high-quality research, strategy, content and engagement your business needs to grow your following and stay relevant.

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The average person is predicted to spend nearly 3.5 million minutes scrolling through social media during their lifetime. With the rise of the TikTok and Instagram generation, social platforms are an increasingly influential space. Building a strong presence across your social channels can help to build loyalty amongst your customer base.

Whether you’re a big brand with deep pockets or an independent one man band, organic social media offers a relatively level playing field for driving brand awareness. The beauty of social media marketing is that it is relatively affordable and accessible to all. House Digital can improve your social life and help you to grow your following.

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  • Research and Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Marketing

One of the pitfalls of social media is that it’s saturated with similar brands pushing similar content. When it comes to social media success, competitor and industry research is an absolute must. It’s important to not only monitor what works, but also to understand what your audience is consuming and how best to reach them effectively.

The HD team will take a deep dive into your audience’s social habits to pinpoint exactly where and when they spend their time online. We’ll nail down optimal times to post and, most importantly, what type of content your audience engages with most. A solid strategy is the foundation of a professional social media presence.

When it comes to creating content for your social platforms, it’s crucial to harness your brand’s tone of voice and really have fun with it. Whether you’d like to show off your brand’s personality on Instagram or demonstrate your industry knowledge on Instagram, House Digital can help you to create eye-catching and engaging content.

Our work and social habits have evolved dramatically in recent times. As a consequence, video has become an increasingly important medium for marketers to harness if they want to reach increasingly fragmented audiences. Our HD creative team can storyboard and produce effective video content that gives you social media traction.

You may have great content and a steadily growing following but it could all go to waste without community management. From posting regularly to interacting with your followers, consistency is key. Effective community management demonstrates to new and existing customers that you’re an active, personable and reliable brand.

Community management is so much more than liking posts and replying to comments and messages. It’s about generating natural and reciprocal interactions that humanise your brand and makes it more accessible to a wider audience. House Digital’s community management services are designed to help you win hearts and minds.

A decade ago, the world of influencer marketing was exclusively reserved for celebrities and YouTubers. But the modern wave of everyday bloggers and vloggers have paved the way for a whole new generation of influencers. From parenting gurus to fashion bloggers, there’s a genre of influencer to suit every product and service.

We build and nurture relationships with influencers, agreeing the campaign brief and deliverables whilst keeping your brand at the core of it all. By promoting your brand or product, influences can deliver an instant seal of approval to their followers. With HD managing proceedings, you can boost your brand’s profile overnight.

Case Study

Forever Unique

Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand, specialising in ladies occassionwear. Established in 2008 by lifelong fashion lover and female boss Seema Malhotra, Forever Unique has since become a regular on the red carpet. We uncovered technical SEO issues which were hindering the site from ranking well in the SERPs and developed a tailored SEO strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic, as well as revenue.

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  • 29% Increase in domain authority
  • 225% Increase in organic ranking keywords in a 12 month period
  • 25% Increase in revenue in a 3 month period


House Digital has been a central part of our team. Without their technical SEO knowledge and expertise, the website launch would have undoubtedly not been as successful as it was. The growth in organic traffic has made a huge difference to our business and it is great to see our investment paying off. To be making purchase decisions in line with customer search behaviour is exactly where we want to be as a brand!

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