At House Digital, we understand the importance of choosing the right eCommerce platform to host your website. WooCommerce prides itself on being the ‘world’s most customisable eCommerce platform’ and is now the most popular platform on the web. With over 7 million downloads, what’s stopping you from jumping on the digital bandwagon and riding it all the way into the eCommerce sunset?


WooCommerce efficiently merges with WordPress, which runs 26% of the whole web. They also pride themselves on the fact that you can sell anything – and we mean anything – from content, to appointments – even digital downloads to subscriptions! WooCommerce grants you easy, breezy control over your taxes and stock levels. You can control which tax class is assigned to which kind of shipping, or sit back, relax and wait for the tax to be calculated based on the items a customer has in their cart.

Keep track of your stock without lifting a finger with WooCommerce’s cleverly designed WP-centric UI, which can be assigned and delegated to whoever your company chooses. Don’t stop there – why not build your own database to promote different campaigns? Keep promoting yourselves until you’re in front of the right people at the right times. By merging with Paypal and BACS, payment on WooCommerce is quick and easy for your customers, making them more likely to come back for more.

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WooCommerce Maintenance

An eCommerce platform cannot be successful without thorough and regular maintenance. You wouldn’t ride your bike without oiling the chain first, so why would you neglect your website? You can choose to go for a full WooCommerce web-store build, or you might have opted to migrate your site to one of our hosting packages.

Whatever your decision, we’re here for you – and so are our maintenance services. We offer dedicated, round-the-clock assistance, contacting you with guidance and offering advice where needed. Seen a problem? Something not quite right? Our hotline, email support and notification system are here to save the day as quickly as possible. Forget delays and irritating hold music – we’ll be with you right away.

WooCommerce Training

At House Digital, we want to ensure that you are embarking on your new eCommerce journey fully prepared and ready to go. This is why we offer various unique training packages, including a diverse array of original approaches (forget guidebooks, we’ve moved on). We don’t want your smooth-running procedure being interrupted by uncertainty, so why not let one of our experienced trainers deliver a vocational talk to you and a team of delegates.

We like to be as thorough as possible, offering hands-on learning sessions that allow you to gain a full understanding of your new eCommerce platform and what it can do. For an even more personal experience, how about a bespoke session that allows you to choose the number of delegates that will be attending, which aspect of WooCommerce needs brushing up on and at what time you would like the lesson to begin. The choice is all yours.

WooCommerce Hosting

We fully support you to choose the most appropriate hosting platform for your company and overall goal, which is why we proudly offer WooCommerce as one of our hosting services. It is our priority that your experience is a productive one, meaning that we go one step further than offering shared hosting and offer VPS Cloud Hosting, meaning your programme can be as speedy as possible and function seamlessly.

WooCommerce is cost-effective, flexible and manageable, allowing you to add more resources and features as you go along, to ensure better security and the ultimate control over your domain. We also implement Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), so you don’t have to worry about what would happen if you forgot to back up. We use only premium bandwidth providers, resulting in a diverse N+1 redundancy at every point.

WooCommerce Security

With eCommerce, there’s no need to stress about what happens to your data if your chosen hosting platform goes under or closes. Complying with PCI guidelines means that your important information is totally safeguarded. Furthermore, due to you being completely in control of your taxes, personal details, and the details of customers, everything that needs to be kept secure will stay safe for good.

High security is paramount to a smoothly operating platform – without the trust of your customers, what do you have? This is why WooCommerce is audited by experts extremely regularly, making sure that everything is above board and that nothing suspicious is happening. You’re totally up to date, at all times.

Client Testimonial

Since July 2018, House Digital have worked hard with Arriva Click to grow our presence. By implementing a strong multi-channel Paid Advertising and Social Media strategy, we’ve been able to really connect with our audiences and build a community of regular Arriva Click users. Thanks to their ongoing support, the Arriva Click app has gone from strength to strength. From organising asset days to successfully launching two new locations, House Digital are an invaluable addition to our team.

Marketing Manager
Arriva Bus Ltd

The House Digital team have been a huge support to us over the years. They’ve really gotten under the skin of the business and have become a true extension of the team. They’ve not only helped us to understand who are digital customers are, but have also uncovered untapped opportunities for us in a competitive digital space. House Digital consistently guide us towards the most appropriate channels to reach our customers and our business objectives.

Marketing Manager
Chill Factore

House Digital have really helped Bürkert as a brand. As we are situated within a very competitive industry, HD have really helped us to stand out from the crowd. From high quality content and other SEO services to a strong Paid Advertising strategy, they’ve really helped us to stand out in a competitive market. Through compelling ads and a robust bidding strategy, the Paid Advertising work alone has made all of the difference to our business, particularly during challenging times.

Marketing Manager

House Digital have shown a great passion for digital marketing and have truly embraced The Global Classroom as their own. Helping us develop and grow our online presence, the team’s expert knowledge has enabled us to reach millions of relevant people across the globe and largely contributed to making each event a success.

The Global Classroom

Working with House Digital has been a joy! For the first time in my 25 years of working in the digital industry I’ve finally found a team that utterly understand the data world and paid search / social marketplace. Understanding the way all this works is one aspect that House have excelled in but also the results they are getting for our clients is really as good as it can get. It’s a happy union between our two agencies!

Modern English

House Digital were able to interpret our requirements and develop a turnkey website solution that would enable us to channel customers to Monomer. This has freed up time for us to concentrate on the bespoke aspects of our sister company, Martin’s Rubber.

Marketing Manager
Martin’s Rubber

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