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The Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Looking to go in-house with your digital marketing but don’t know where to start? There are a variety of free courses to choose from if you are looking to upskill in your own time, and you don’t need to break the bank to get there.

In our House, we always aim to support and nurture talents – that is why we want to share our top 5 free digital marketing courses to get you in the know!

Top 5 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

  • Facebook/ Meta Blueprints
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Hubspot Academy
  • Moz SEO Basics Course
  • Canva Graphic Design Basics

1. Facebook/ Meta Blueprints

There are 2.91 billion users on Facebook, which means a vast potential audience that your business could potentially tap into. Facebook often acts as a world stage for products and services, so why not learn how to navigate the platform and bring in that bigger audience? The courses are easy to digest with handy videos that condense all the information into bite-size chunks and focus on everything from creative choices to paid strategy!

These courses are fantastic for those wanting to get started in the world of paid social, or those simply wanting to brush up their skills on integrated platforms such as Watsapp and Instagram. All the courses are currently free, however, there is an option to gain a Meta certification for $150. Start Training with Facebook Blueprints.

2. Google Digital Garage

Google is a world-renowned platform, which makes their free learning offering a perfect place to start. It’s recognised as one of the most reputable courses by potential employers and will give you all the basics of digital marketing.

The 40-hour course includes help with planning online strategies, Google Ads, Google Analytics and some social media tips too. With 26 modules, you will become a master marketeer in no time. Plus, it’s packed full of exercises so you can put your skills into action!

This course is easy to navigate, has unlimited access, and is perfect for beginners wanting to better their skills on Google platforms. It is also beneficial to experienced marketers, as Google constantly evolves and changes functions for a better user experience. Get started and improve your Google skills with Google Garage.

3. Hubspot Academy

For those looking to advance their technical skills, Hubspot Academy is the perfect place to start. Ecommerce marketing may sound very technical, but it is all about the act of driving awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or services electronically.

With Hubspot’s Academy, you will have access to four lessons, ten videos, and three quizzes, which will help you learn how to attract people to your e-store, how to encourage people to purchase and create repeat custom.

Hubspot is perfect for eCommerce Marketers, Marketing Professionals, and Inbound Professionals, plus, you will receive academy certification – perfect to add to your CV! Get in the know with Hubspot Academy.

4. Moz SEO Basics Course

Don’t know where to start with SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is a large proportion of what we do here at House Digital. It can often seem like a massive hydra-like task, as it is ever-changing and developing – that’s why Moz SEO Basics Course is a fantastic place to start!

Moz SEO Basics course includes hours of helpful video footage, so you can delve into six core SEO learnings, including link building, SEO strategy, and keyword research. We use a lot of Moz tools here at House Digital and think these free courses are an excellent resource. It is perfect for a variety of people from beginners to those looking to simply brush up on their SEO skills.

So why not refresh yourself on the basics, introduce SEO to new hires, or simply encourage your team to progress their skills with Moz Basics Course.

5. Canva Graphic Design Basics

With ‘Canva’s Graphic Design Basics Course’ you will have access to 12 lessons as well as 12 quick activities, meaning you can up your design skills in no time at all. This course mainly focuses on Social Media Marketing and those looking to learn a little more about composition and design. Start being creative with Canva design courses here.

Canva’s main aim is to make good looking graphic design accessible to everyone! It has a simple drag and drop user experience and free imagery/ animations all in one place. Although there is so much more to creating good content, Canva’s free platform and easy to navigate lessons are an amazing place to start! Looking to learn something more specific? Canva also has courses on logo design and how to make an expert presentation.

What is the role of digital marketing?

Digital marketing plays a vital role in any business and is an excellent platform to create awareness, drive sales, and face business competition head-on. Marketing at its core is about connecting with an audience at the right time, and most importantly, in the right place. For today’s digital savvy audience, that means targeting them where they spend the most time – the internet.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is important for both big and small companies. We see time and time again, that with a solid digital strategy and marketing plan, any size company can outrank bigger competitors, reach its growth potential and become industry leaders.

At this stage, it’s important that digital marketing is utilised in the correct way for your business and brand; it can sometimes seem like every business has a great website, social media presence and digital ad strategy, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

All you need to do is decide which online areas you want to improve, (e.g. technical SEO, social media presence, paid ads, etc.) and then, either utilise experts already in the know, or upskill your staff to achieve your digital goals. Why not read our article on why choose in house?

Not ready to go in-house? What to expect from a digital marketing agency

House Digital is an agency but not as you know it. We always make sure our House is a welcoming one; we pride ourselves on being an agency that helps you achieve your business goals while allowing your in-house marketeers to grow their talents and interests. We deliver a blend of insourcing, outsourcing and training to support your goals and potential talents in-house, with our variety of marketing packages and services.

Digital marketing can often come across as a scary and jargon filled place – but it doesn’t have to be! At House Digital, we try to uncomplicate our practices and make our marketing strategies accessible – that’s why we have our free-to-access Digital Lab, and our paid HD Academy courses, so you can upskill your staff and set out learning roadmaps.

Keen to learn more about us? Take a tour of our House or reach out and contact us.

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