The Family Package

In-housing your digital marketing team

The Family Package

If you see digital as being central to your long term success, The Family Package is for you. By motivating and inspiring your team along the way, The Family Package aims to train and grow your internal digital marketing team. Control over your digital channels is an essential part of becoming fit for the future. This means that investment is needed in both your digital strategy and the team delivering it. House Digital looks after your team, so they can look after your digital presence for many years to come.

The Family Package adopts a similarly thorough and methodical approach as The Renovation. We provide in-depth audits and data analyses, before delivering formalised projections and key performance indicators and then implementing and optimising our hypotheses and strategies. The only difference is that we deliver on the job training to your marketing team, instilling them with the confidence and independence to take full control over your digital channels over the longer-term.


  • Complete digital transformation – We will get all your channels working individually and in harmony to agreed KPIs.
  • Creation and development of your company‚Äôs in-house digital team – From exec level to channel specialists.
  • Ongoing training sessions, workshops and coaching – To keep you on track, motivated and performing well.
  • Access to our House Parties and Digital Academy – Where we share and analyse the latest knowledge, hypotheses and industry specific insights.


You will enhance your in-house skills, grow your independence and gain full control of your own digital channels with your stronger internal capabilities. As your reliance on us reduces, so does the scope and costs.

The most thorough, personalised and effective practical digital training will go beyond basic strategy setting, giving you more control and greater agility over your digital channels.

Regular coaching and workshops enhance the overall health and wellbeing of your team, focusing on motivation, commitment and superior performance.

Our practical workshops and training sessions provide tools and techniques across a wide range of areas, including efficiency, productivity, time management and prioritisation.

Case Study

Forever Unique

Forever Unique is a luxury fashion brand, specialising in ladies occassionwear. Established in 2008 by lifelong fashion lover and female boss Seema Malhotra, Forever Unique has since become a regular on the red carpet. We uncovered technical SEO issues which were hindering the site from ranking well in the SERPs and developed a tailored SEO strategy to increase brand awareness and traffic, as well as revenue.

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  • 29% Increase in domain authority
  • 225% Increase in organic ranking keywords in a 12 month period
  • 25% Increase in revenue in a 3 month period


House Digital has been a central part of our team. Without their technical SEO knowledge and expertise, the website launch would have undoubtedly not been as successful as it was. The growth in organic traffic has made a huge difference to our business and it is great to see our investment paying off. To be making purchase decisions in line with customer search behaviour is exactly where we want to be as a brand!

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