Our Team

A full House of digital consultants


A full House of digital consultants

We’re a full House of digital consultants, supported by an extended family of specialist freelancers and expert partners. Essentially, we’re a friendly bunch of facilitators at heart. Our mission is to lend an extra helping hand to businesses that want to really get to grips with digital and maximise their potential.

We take a mi casa, su casa approach. That means giving you the run of our House expertise, including Director-level guidance, as well as open access to the knowledge and skills in our community. Then we help to select, place and train your in-house talent so you can take back control and become fully self-sufficient.

Meet The Team

  • Director
    Rachel Wilson

    Rachel is a twin, and will tell you that real life twin telepathy stuff does happen! She can’t function without strong coffee and Tony’s Chocoloney – in order of preference: Milk, Pretzel and Dark Almond (just incase you want to buy into her good books.) She loves red wine and country pubs, and takes inspiration from Anna Wintour – how does she always look so composed?!

  • Account Director
    Hattie Coyne

    Hattie is our House Digital small pet pro, with two guinea pigs and a hamster! She loves family time, coffee shops and bargain hunting. If finding the best deals was an Olympic sport, Hattie would definitely bring home the gold. She’d love to be best friends with Rosie Ramsey (even if Rosie doesn’t quite know it yet) and quiz Margaret Atwood on her many Handmaid’s Tale theories.

  • Head of Client Services
    Simon Jones

    Simon might not be great at counting, but always makes sure to buy his round! Speaking of rounds, he loves nothing more than a creamy pint of Guinness, chilling with family, and lazy Sundays in. Simon’s dream dinner guests would be Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill and his wife (but only if she’s reading this, Megan Fox if she’s not.)

  • Operations Director
    Jon Birch

    Sunny days, music, and cold pale ale are just three things that make Jon happy. Some say he’s old before his time, but did you know Jon’s guilty pleasure is Shania Twain’s ‘Come on Over’ album? He thinks it’s pure musical genius, especially the guitar sounds! He’d like to sit down for dinner with his sporting idols Seve Ballesteros and Michael Shumacher, and get to know George Harrison away from the limelight of John and Paul.

  • Head of Paid Advertising
    Fahima Miah

    Fahima loves chilling with her family and eating good food (especially if there’s potatoes and cheese involved.) She’d like to find out Steve Job’s real agenda behind creating Apple devices, and reckons she could definitely mend Tupac and Biggie’s friendship if she had the chance. Another fun fact about Fahima is that she reads in a non-chronological order, starting at the end of the page, then middle, then coming back to the beginning!

  • Head of SEO
    Chris Parlour

    Chris was once a former Hollyoaks star! (For a few minutes.) He’d like to quiz Sir Alex Ferguson about his thoughts on Man United, convince Sam Smith not to take up singing (poor Sam!) and have a laugh with Sean Lock. When asked what makes him happy, Chris’ top three is family, winning and his own reflection, because there’s no appreciation like self appreciation!

  • Account Manager
    Ellen Harrington

    You can always count on Ellen to make everything a competition. Whether it’s drinking water or playing beer pong, Ellen is super competitive. She’s our silly social butterfly, who loves a good family party, cuddles with her handsome Cockapoo Jasper and adventurous days out. Ellen’s guilty pleasure is going up every single isle of the car boot sale, asking questions about each item, then haggling for the best price. She loves a bargain, even if it’s only 50p cheaper!

  • Account Manager
    Sam Stevenson

    Sam is a big fan of good classic rock, good coffee, and her very handsome cat Percy. She loves all things spooky, especially Edgar Allan Poe books. Sam would love to have dinner with David Bowie and Valentino Rossi, arguably one of the greatest MotoGP riders of all time – and it’d be a good excuse to practice her Italian! She is also part of a small group of women who brew and sell their own craft ales.

  • Account Manager
    Aimee Jones

    Aimee is our favourite vegan foodie, always sharing lots of delicious recipes with us all over on her food Instagram page! Aimee is obsessed with minature daschunds and loves watching the same series and films over and over again. She’d also love to have dinner with Amy Winehouse, Alan Turing and Wallace and Gromit – imagine that dinner table!

  • Account Manager
    Marie Williams

    Marie loves music, dark fruits, and a good night out. You can always count on Marie to find a festival to go to! She spends a lot of her free time with friends, family and taking the most adorable videos of her sassy minature daschund, Poppy.

  • Account Manager
    Nicola Hughes

    Nic loves going on adventures with her two boys, travelling, and chilling with a good glass of wine. She’d love to pick the brains of the OG physicist, Isaac Newton, find out what Henry VIII was REALLY like and have a pint with Nat Lofthouse – the Bolton Wanderers FC legend himself.

  • Account Manager
    Tom Fairclough

    Football crazy Tom is our resident boxing champ, he once won a white collar boxing match with the only KO of the night! He loves watching LFC, travelling and spending time with family. Tom is also slightly obsessed with Birra Moretti and halloumi (but not together) – he just can’t open a block of halloumi without eating it all! He’d like to chat to Jurgen Klopp about his views on life and politics and have a good knees up with Henry VII.

  • Digital Designer
    Dean Mather

    Dean’s favourite thing in the world is cake, cake, and more cake. Second to his love of cake, Dean also enjoys great typography (he’s a typical designer) and Wigan Athletic’s Krusty the Pie. When he’s driving, Dean likes to pretend he’s Lightning McQueen, so steer clear if you ever see him on the roads.

  • Junior Digital Designer
    Chris Anderton

    It doesn’t take much to make Chris happy, just family time, his dog Luna and the perfect balance of cereal and milk. He has a very sweet tooth and loves Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate. He’d most like to have dinner with Robbie Williams to relive his Knebworth concert back in 2003, learn some moves from James Brown and chat to Jeff Goldblum – because life finds a way.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
    Lucy Smith

    Lucy doesn’t do things by halves. She’d never climbed a mountain before, so naturally, decided to do 3 in 1 day with the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. When she’s not topping up her skincare stash or going out for food, you can usually find Lucy crying over a small pup or cute dog video. Lucy’s secret talent is being annoyingly good at the TV show Catchphrase, she’d love to give it a go one day.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
    Millie Rothwell

    Block out your calendars for February, it’s Millie’s birthday and she always plans a full month of celebrations. Millie loves going out for food and makes us jealous every weekend with Insta pics of her latest meals out. In her spare time, Millie loves horse riding, watching Everton (or Dominic Calvert Lewin) and catching up on Corrie. Her fave character is Evelyn!

  • Digital Marketing Executive
    Lauren Cousins

    Our fashionista Lauren would love to sit down with the queen of fashion herself, Coco Chanel. In her spare time, Lauren loves baking sweet treats, spending time with family and her adorable dog Misty. Her favourite place in the world is Kassiopi in Corfu, she goes there every year to soak up the sunshine.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
    Jessica Draper

    Jessica recently joined the House Digital family and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. Like all of us here at HD, she’s a digital whiz and a quick learner, soaking it all up like a hungry digital marketing sponge. Welcome to the team, Jessica!

  • Executive Assistant & Business Administrator
    Lucy Metcalf

    Lucy recently joined the House Digital family and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. She’s already our go-to for pretty much everything and anything, we’d be lost without her. Welcome to the team, Lucy!

Our blueprint for success

We’ll build your digital success brick-by-brick by:

  • Laptop
    56 websites delivered and launched
  • Dog Paw
    8 office pups to snuggle with
  • Google Logo
    Google Premier Partner since 2020
  • Graduation Cap
    1st to deliver agency standard training
  • Dummy
    7 boardroom babies
  • Graph
    20 expert digital strategists on board