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Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement, control and regulating systems for fluids and gases. Working on a global scale, with an international presence spanning 36 locations, Bürkert is constantly evolving to embrace new and exciting challenges in the industrial measurement and fluid control sector.

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House Digital’s relationship with Bürkert first began when they contacted us to post promotional contact on our high authority online PR website, Process Industry Forum (PIF). However, our remit quickly expanded to include further work for both Bürkert UK and US.

Like their UK counterparts, Bürkert US were managing their paid advertising internally. An initial analysis of their paid accounts revealed a great deal of missed opportunity in terms of audience targeting and remarketing, as ads were not always being shown to the right people at the right time.

Bürkert US’s ad group structure needed to be brought in-line with best practices, targeting more closely-knit themed keywords to secure a higher click through rate. The benefits of negative keywords had been previously overlooked, and so a large percentage of irrelevant traffic was flooding through to, then abandoning, the Bürkert U.S website. Keywords across their Google Search campaigns also exhibited poor quality scores, meaning that Bürkert U.S. were paying too much per click.

Ultimately, Bürkert US was in need of a paid advertising strategy that would focus on three key areas: Audience targeting to drive down advertising costs; remarketing to maximise on users most likely to convert, and conversion tracking to ensure return on advertising spend remained high. On top of that, they were keen to partner with an agency that had a technical understanding of their intricate product offering – our knowledge base is rooted in manufacturing and engineering, so like Cinderella and Prince Charming, we skipped off to the ball!

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We kicked off with an extensive research project, analysing ad placements, creatives and formats. We focused on Bürkert US’s current audiences, as well as exploring any untapped potential. With an incredibly data-driven strategy in place, we carried out a complete paid campaign set up across the Google Display, Google Search and Social networks, with remarketing lists in place to further engage audience retargeting.

Our multi-channel approach targeted users at all stages of the decision making process – from brand awareness, to consideration, through to conversion; this included highly targeted dynamic remarketing campaigns on the Google Display network to remind users of previously visited products in the Bürkert US store.
By implementing negative keywords to deter unwanted search traffic, we developed a neat and effective account structure, setting bids across each campaign and each ad-group. With ongoing account management, we continually tweak and refine Bürkert US’s bidding activity and targeting methods, updating ad text to ensure ads remain fresh.

By analysing competitor performance across all social media platforms, we were able to determine that there was a huge opportunity for Bürkert US to expand their reach and engagement on a relatively low budget through paid social.

A/B audience testing helped us to identify what combination of creatives, ad copy and targeting methods worked best, so we were able to re-engage existing likers, users with related interests and even attracting the followers of competitor’s pages. By capturing the right audience we were able to deliver the right results, increasing Bürkert US’s reach, engagement and CTR.

What We Achieved

In 2020 vs. 2019 we achieved:

  • 800%
    Increase in YOY revenue via paid search
  • 47%
    Increase in website visits via paid search
  • 68.5%
    Increase in Facebook impressions (with no change in ad spend)
  • 84%
    Increase in CTR via paid search

Client Testimonial

House Digital have really helped Bürkert as a brand. As we are situated within a very competitive industry, HD have really helped us to stand out from the crowd. From high quality content and other SEO services to a strong Paid Advertising strategy, they’ve really helped us to stand out in a competitive market. Through compelling ads and a robust bidding strategy, the Paid Advertising work alone has made all of the difference to our business, particularly during challenging times.

Marketing Manager

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