Fox Pharma

Market-leading aesthetics supplier Fox Pharma were looking to scale up their organic and paid activity with the help of House Digital. Our challenge? To grow the right channel mix to achieve growth while reducing the overall CPA. Safe to say we achieved that…and much more!

Fox Pharma

What We Did

From an organic perspective, we created a full-funnel keyword strategy and optimised and created new content across over 200 pages and blogs, as well as driving high-quality backlinks to improve visibility in position 1-3 rankings. After an initial robust technical SEO audit, we implemented critical actions across the site as well as supporting Fox Pharma’s internal team through a website migration.

As part of our paid efforts, we implemented a wide-scale restructure across all paid campaigns to improve visibility and new user acquisition. This included launching upper funnel advertising campaigns across YouTube and Display. We also worked to consistently implement new creative and copy and test regimes.

The HD team’s multi-channel strategies for Fox Pharma have led to some incredible results for the brand. Our SEO efforts resulted in a 135% increase in organic sessions over 12 months and an uplift in revenue of 22%!







One of the most standout achievements however came from our digital PR strategies. Thanks to building out a natural link profile for Fox, claiming any unlinked brand mentions, and focusing on DRs of 50+, we were able to increase referring domains with a DR50+ by a staggering 643%!







In terms of paid results, the introduction of new campaigns across YouTube and Display as well as a full restructure and expansion of Search campaigns saw sales increase by 46% for Fox, equating to a 102% increase in ROAS, all while maintaining ad spend budget and reducing branded bidding by 40%.

Overall, Fox Pharma’s online presence has gone from strength to strength over the past year, witnessing a 79% increase in sessions to site, a 24% increase in ROI, and a 70% increase in that all-important revenue.

Key Results

  • +79%
    increase in sessions
  • +70%
    increase in revenue
  • -12%
    decrease in ad spend
  • +24%
    increase in ROI

  • Organic Results

  • +135%
    increase in organic sessions
  • +187%
    increase in pos 1 keywords
  • +646%
    increase in referring domains DR50+

  • Paid Results

  • -41%
    reduction in CPA
  • +48%
    increase in CVR
  • +102%
    increase in ROAS

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