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Office Furniture Online saw boosted sales during the pandemic due to remote working and the sudden rise in interest in office furniture for the home, but as the country came out of lockdown, and with the emergence of new ways of working, they needed to invest more attention into their digital marketing – including their SEO.

Office Furniture Online


Office Furniture Online (OFO) are leaders in the worlds of B2B and D2C office furniture e-commerce – with over 10,000 product listings, 300+ unique categories and over 15 million items in stock, they hold a very strong position within the sector.

When we began work with the client, one of the main challenges that we faced from the beginning was the reversal of many existing onpage and technical issues which were the result of the website having been built and managed for years by multiple teams, and crucially, without SEO in mind.

We discovered wide scale problems with the mobile performance of the site, as well as core web vitals, schema validation and on-page formatting.

In addition to this, we identified an absence of structure, hierarchy and targeting with categories (with faceted URLs being used instead of actual categories), as well as an overall lack of structure and organisation on the website itself.


We got to work straight away and implemented a large scale optimisation project, alongside a full site keyword strategy and a 6 month technical roadmap.

As well as working to resolve a whole host of technical issues across the site, we implemented a strong hierarchy and structure into the website, introduced a Mega Nav, created new pages and established a new and improved keyword strategy across the site to prevent cannibalisation.

We were thrilled with the results we were able to produce within only 6 months!

What We Achieved

  • 136%
    Increase in page 1 rankings
  • #3 to #1
    Movement of 'office chairs' keyword position
  • 3,145
    Increase in overall ranking keywords YoY
  • 12%
    Uplift in organic revenue by 12% following initial optimisation

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