Reliant Direct

Reliant Direct are an online direct supplier of top of the range electrical equipment, and are associated with one of the largest independent electrical buying groups in the UK. When we started working them earlier this year, they were struggling with a lack of brand awareness and grappling with low conversion rates across all of their channels.

Reliant Direct


A lack of brand awareness was resulting in slow growth and customer acquisition for Reliant Direct. The client had little to no visibility in SERPs due to a lack of meta data, no keyword strategy and slow site speed.

We found there to be a reliance on lower funnel shopping campaigns with diminishing impressions and clicks, and furthermore, a pause in their Search activity was negatively impacting returning users via Organic and Direct.

The client was suffering from low conversion rates across all channels, with Paid bringing in an abundance of irrelevant traffic via poorly structured campaigns and keywords.

We knew that the rollout of a targeted, high volume keyword strategy across the website would be key to driving more organic visibility and clicks to their site.

We began by generating a site-wide keyword strategy and producing meta for all pages to give search visibility an instant boost. This was followed by on-page optimisations for over 100 category pages and 180 product pages.

Performance Max and Search were launched with the intention of lowering the overall CPA of the website, and reducing the reliance on lower funnel advertising over time. We launched the campaigns with highly relevant asset groups to help boost visibility across multiple Paid channels and placements, and introduced a tiered approach to each stage in the customer journey; from product categories (consideration) to model numbers (high-intent conversion). Audience targeting was also applied, including remarketing.

Furthermore, we improved Paid efficiencies by restructuring and expanding all campaigns to enable A/B testing and budget optimisation. Relevant landing pages were implemented per ad to improve user behaviour once on-page, and a new Paid keyword strategy was launched to improve visibility and reduce wasted ad spend. We restructured Shopping campaigns into product types and fixed all Shopping feed issues in GMC. This included introducing feed optimisation software.

What We Achieved

  • 54%
    Increase in organic clicks
  • 30%
    Increase in organic SERP impressions
  • 90%
    Increase in organic branded clicks
  • 35%
    Increase in branded impressions
  • 70%
    Overall website sales MoM
  • 40%
    Uplift in revenue
  • 60%
    Improvement in website CVR
  • >200%
    Improvement in Paid Google CVR
  • 63%
    Reduction in CPA via Paid Google by month two
  • 97%
    Increase in ROAS

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