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The Global Classroom is an educational charity movement delivered by Scarisbrick Hall School. In partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and supported by UNICEF, the Global Classroom aims to deliver a level academic playing field for children.

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The Global Classroom


When House Digital’s relationship with the Global Classroom first began, the initiative was new and rapidly growing. They needed help managing their online presence and making the most of their potential to grow their brand awareness. Connecting 150,000 children across 198 countries, their extraordinary digital classroom events enable children to learn from the world’s leading artists, scientists, activists and policymakers, regardless of their location or socioeconomic background.

The House Digital team were enlisted to build a brand new website that could host an array of learning resources, including old classroom sessions, as well as enable the Global Classroom to advertise upcoming events.

The Global Classroom required an omnichannel paid advertising strategy that would capture users from across the globe. The top of the acquisition funnel needed to be wide to attract Global’s target audiences, whilst also delivering target conversion campaigns to increase viewership.

From an organic social perspective, the nature of the Global Classroom’s work with high profile speakers and supporters such as National Geographic, meant they needed to partner with an agency capable of producing bespoke social media packages, as well as influencer management and outreach to build and maintain an engaged following across all social media channels.

The Global Classroom is the only educational program of its kind. Therefore, it was important that their digital marketing strategy also included internal support to help best maximise their event’s online potential. Luckily, we had just the team of experts in mind.

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Global Classroom

We developed a content centric website, enhancing the user experience with contact forms, subscriber functionalities and ongoing site maintenance to keep everything up to date and functioning smoothly. Able to host easily accessible uploads of past digital classroom events, with video content from celebrity supporters like Jason Mraz, we developed a website that would position the Global Classroom as a learning resource beyond their monthly events.

The next step was to drive wide scale brand awareness of this incredible initiative. First, we identified our key audiences: educators, teens, pre-teens and their family members. These were then broken down into micro audiences based on a number of factors, including behaviours, demographics and hobbies to inform a comprehensive paid campaign set-up across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. We designed new ad creatives for each event, running A/B testing to assess what combination of creatives and messaging worked best.

We created site-wide optimised content, targeting relevant keywords to boost organic traffic. Given the nature of the Global Classroom’s virtual events, it was also vital that we optimised their Youtube channel to ensure that all videos published and used within advertising were keyword optimised to increase relevancy and visibility.

We implemented a tailored social media strategy, encompassing organic social content with influencer outreach and management. This enabled the Global Classroom to tap into established target audiences to grow rapidly in places where they wouldn’t usually have visibility. All influencers and supporters were provided with informative content packs prior to each campaign going live, developing a level of trust and social proof that led to an increase in our client’s social followings and shares.

What House Digital has achieved (so far) with the Global Classroom is underpinned by on-going business consultancy, providing the internal support and brand awareness required to reach and inspire children all over the world.

What We Achieved

  • 128M
    Impressions worldwide via paid campaigns in a 6 month period
  • 2.5M
    Views via YouTube campaigns in a 6 month period
  • 150%
    Increase in Domain Authority
  • 347%
    Increase in referring domains
  • 220%
    Increase in ranking keywords
  • 1010%
    Increase in organic social reach
  • 2230%
    Increase in organic social engagement

Client Testimonial

House Digital have shown a great passion for digital marketing and have truly embraced The Global Classroom as their own. Helping us develop and grow our online presence, the team’s expert knowledge has enabled us to reach millions of relevant people across the globe and largely contributed to making each event a success.

The Global Classroom

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