The Tipi Company

We worked closely with The Tipi Company to optimise their Paid advertising strategy in order to boost engagement and awareness of their brand.

The Tipi Company


The Tipi Company is a family run business that has manufactured structures for the outdoor events industry for over 30 years. When we began working with them, their brand awareness was low, and they were suffering from their competitors bidding on their own branded terms.

We conducted a full account audit and concluded that their current Paid campaigns would need to be fully optimised before being re-launched. Furthermore, we knew that some robust keyword research would be required, along with new ad copy and assets.

We got to work developing an improved keyword strategy that would target branded, and non-branded terms. Non-branded terms stemmed off into capturing searches around products and relevant industries, and negative keywords were also regularly added to ensure incoming traffic was highly relevant and not ‘hire’ related or domestic, which was not an area of focus for the client.

Following this, we carried out some rigorous optimisation activity. We created tailored ad copy and assets for each ad group, pulling out differing key USPs per industry, and added dynamic images, site links and structured snippets to ads to boost that all-important engagement!

In addition to this, we strategically allocated budget towards industry focuses, implemented optimised bidding strategies to accelerate conversions, and split out campaigns into high / low priority products, so that more budget could be allocated towards higher revenue driving products. Increased bid adjustments were also applied to audiences that were exhibiting a high conversion rate.

We were absolutely thrilled with the results that our strategy delivered in only 1 month!

What We Achieved

  • 68%
    Increase in clicks
  • 47%
    Reduction in cost per click
  • 404%
    Increase in click through rate
  • 1,275%
    Increase in leads
  • 693%
    Increase in conversion rate
  • 93%
    Reduction in cost per lead

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