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Why Invest in Upper-Funnel Advertising?

Marketing traditions have been swayed towards last-click attribution for a long time, more so for considered consumer purchases and B2B services. So it has become common for lots of businesses to avoid upper-funnel activity in their advertising campaigns.

However, if marketers aren’t investing in upper funnel advertising, they are restricting their potential to find new customers most cost-effectively. Just using lower funnel advertising means you are only reaching potential customers that already know the brand or who have bought something previously. Sometimes marketers can miss this simple, yet very effective step of spreading the word.

Think of your audience

It’s important to spread the word most effectively – don’t just throw ads out there to anyone as you may well be wasting your money.

By leveraging people’s interests and affinities, this will help set you apart from the competition and put you right in front of your ideal customers. By not investing in the top of the funnel is to hinder your campaigns before they’ve even gone ahead.

Not investing in upper funnel advertising is a mistake a lot of medium-sized companies make. Ultimately, the paid advertising funnel is fed from the top, so creating hype and setting out the brand values at the awareness stage will fundamentally lead to reaching more customers, and ultimately getting more conversions.

Here at House Digital, we make great use out of all stages of the advertising funnel. We really see the benefit and success of it in order to get great results for our clients. No matter what their ultimate goal is, the brand awareness stage is always the starting point of a campaign for getting the message out there to the target audience.

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